BUSTLE: MTV’s "Open Your Eyes" Virtual Reality Art Show Brings To Life Everything That's At Stake In The 2016 Election

"If you think politics are a dry subject matter, MTV’s "Open Your Eyes" virtual reality art show might change your mind. Through digital art created through the 3D painting program Tilt Brush, 18 artists have brought the most important political issues of our time to life. The colorful pieces address rape culture, immigration, and other topics relevant to this election in a creative and enthralling way."

NOV 7. 2016


Interview with Huffington Post Politics

"We speak to one of the artists behind 'Open Your Eyes' - a cutting-edge art exhibition that uses virtual reality to explore the biggest issues of the election."


Nov 3. 2016


VR FOCUS: Artist JCORP Highlights Rape Culture For MTV’s Open Your Eyes Campaign

"In a short piece on the campaign website, JCORP explains why she chose this particular issue: “‘Not Your Baby’ is an immersive experiential painting that speaks against today’s rape culture. Featuring my signature characters posing in the nude in a rainbow theatrical setting, the girls proudly declare that they are ‘nobody’s baby’, even and especially when all eyes are on them!


Secret Walls at L.I.S.A. Project, Presented by Panorama NYC

"The L.I.S.A Project NYC x Panorama NYC x Secret Walls Secret Walls Team Battle: Team L'amour Supreme vs Team Crash"


Aug 27. 2016



Lower Manhattan Art Festival 

"The L.I.S.A Project NYC x Sticker Social Club X Modelo USA presents:
The LoMan Art Bazaar!! A one day only Music + Art Fair w/ Live Painting & FREE Beer tastings and Tacos provided by Modelo Especial "

Aug 27. 2016


Hanksy Presents Surplus Candy: (Ep. 6) Opening and Closing Night

"The day of the show LA residents experience the mansion and the next day Hansky reflects on the project while painting over everything."


Jun 26. 2016



"ANIMAL showcases a different street artist regularly in our feature, Scratching the Surface. This week, we profile JCORP."